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Shifting uncomfortably in my cheerleading uniform. I know that my 4-month baby bump will soon make it impossible to wear this tiny short skirt. Everyone is rowdy at the start of our 3-hour drive back to school. Plopping down next to my boyfriend I exhale in relief. He gestures for me to stand for a minute.

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So now, she is standing there nearly naked, clad only in a black garter belt holding up her black thigh-high stockings and her red high-heeled pumps.

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Maybe it is the different way that he is looking at her like he wants to consume her. And maybe it has something to do with the fact that he is still fully clothed while she is naked. She shivers again. Her nipples are really hard and achy and her pussy is sopping wet and still leaking down her legs. She stands still while he walks around her a couple of times like he is appraising her.

Then he slips his hand around the back of her neck and pulls her toward him. A moment later, their lips meet and it is like they are welded together.

His other hand slides down her back and cups her bare ass, pulling her body up against his tightly. Her tits are squashed between them and her sensitive nipples rub against the fabric of his sport coat. She feels his hard cock pressing against her belly.

Her knees become weak and she starts to realize just how aroused she is from all the intense activities of the evening. She has no idea how long they kiss before he finally breaks the kiss and begins nuzzling and kissing her neck.

She hates the fact that it makes her feel so vulnerable but it is arousing too. Goose bumps form on her arms from his kissing there and she feels her pussy reacting some more as well.

She feels his teeth gently nipping at her tender flesh. His cock is very hard and throbbing in her hand while she pulls it out of his pants. The mushroom head is dark and there is a drop of pearly liquid leaking out of his pee-hole.

And she hated it the few times that he had cum in her mouth. That thought makes her shudder. So with grim determination, she tentatively she licks at the head of his cock, lapping up the drop forming there. As she backs away slightly, it forms a gooey thread between her tongue and his cock. Then she kisses the head of his cock a couple of times before wrapping her lips around it. Suddenly she has a change of heart. She knows that if she manages to give him a great blowjob then he is more likely to stay with her.

She licks at the crown and realizes that the reality is not nearly as bad as she had in her head. She pushes her head forward, taking more of his cock into her mouth and his musky scent assails her nostrils.

But this time instead of being offensive, it is a turn on for some reason. Marcy begins bobbing her head back and forth on his cock. His hands had remained on her shoulders but now they are gathering her long brown hair into a mock ponytail at the back of her head. For a moment she is afraid.

She pushes his cock into her mouth until she actually gags on it. While her head is bobbing up and down on his hard cock, her pussy is throbbing and gushing so without even realizing it, she reaches down and starts rubbing her swollen clit and slipping her fingers inside her opening.

That feels so good that she is able to push past her gag point after a few tries. She accepts this fact with a little pride and some fear since her airway is now cut off. But she knows how much Glen cares when he gives a little tug on her head to remind her to pull back to breathe. Soon she settles into a nice little routine, she bobs her head up and down on his cock two or three times and then tries to push it down her throat.

She knows from what little porn they have watched together, most guys like it when the woman can take his cock down her throat. But then several minutes later she thinks that his cock seems to be getting even bigger around.

I want you to swallow it all! The first spurt shoots to the back of her throat and she has to swallow it quickly or choke on it. But then he spurts out rope after rope of hot gooey cum filling her mouth to capacity. At the same time, a huge orgasm RIPS through her body from her play on her clit.

Although she is trembling from it, she still tries her best to continue to pleasure him. Because his hand is still holding onto her hair, she cannot pull her mouth off of his spurting cock.

She does her best to keep up, but there is just sooo much. She feels some running down her chin from the corners of her mouth down onto her tits.

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But in spite of that, she loves the animalistic noises that he is making during his big orgasm. And the taste of his essence is not as bad as she had remembered either. But now she has done neither. He starts to pull back, but she continues sucking on his cock like she wants even more! That was fabulous!! Although secretly he is pleased that his wife did cum while sucking his cock he knows that he has to enforce the rules. Please forgive me. She admitted that her solo play probably also affected their sex lives at home.

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Rules are rules and they need to be followed. Outside of his cock sticking out of the front of his pants he is still completely clothed. Slowly she rises up and walks the few feet to him. Marcy almost bursts into tears. Her ass is quite pink by now and as he lays his hand upon it, he can feel the heat radiating off of her cheeks.

He gently caresses where he spanked, being careful not to hurt her anymore. He swipes his fingers between her legs over her pussy lips and she is soaking wet.

Her ass stings like hell right now but in direct contrast to her reply, her pussy is gushing and tingling she can feel it running down her legs. Then she feels his fingers slipping between her lower lips and they feel so damn good. He pushes her legs apart and slides one finger inside her and then a second. Less than a minute later he is finger fucking her rapidly with one hand while he grasps one of her hanging tits with the other and starts pinching her nipple hard really hard so hard that she almost cries out.

She is rocking back and forth on his lap as wave after wave of pleasure pass through her body. Her brain function ceases and the only things that matter are the wonderful feelings that she is experiencing between her legs.

Even the sting of her freshly spanked ass has been eliminated from her thinking, especially when a second huge orgasm hits a couple of minutes later. She is breathing hard when he gradually slows down and stops his stimulation of her pussy, although his fingers do remain inside her for quite some time.

They give her pussy something to clamp around when the powerful aftershocks from her orgasms rock through her. A few minutes later, he pulls his fingers from her pussy. Then she feels something cool being gently rubbed on her sore butt cheeks.

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Soon much of the sting has gone away. She just kind of slides off of his lap onto her knees and tightly grasps his leg while she kneels there at his feet. Marcy looks up at him and nods her head. She wonders what is going to happen then. She looks up at him with bright eyes.

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At some point she is reminded that she is completely naked except for her stockings while he is fully clothed. For some reason, that gives her another thrill. He starts to gently run his fingers through her hair. His touch on her hair surprises her and she looks up at his face again, trying to read the emotion behind it. He smiles down at her and her heart melts. Then her eyes rove down to his cock that is still sticking out of his pants and she wonders what is next.

She moves in between his legs and takes his semi-hard cock into her small hand. She feels his fingers intertwining themselves in her hair.

Dad sex tumblr

As his grip tightens, she realizes that she might not be as much in control this time. His motions are slow so she makes sure to use her tongue on his shaft as much as possible. It is actually amazing to feel his cock grow in her mouth until it is as hard as it was before.

That, in fact, gives her a sense of pride. After a few minutes, he lifts her head off of his cock and leans down and kisses her something that surprises her since her mouth was just on his cock. He crawls up behind her and spreads her legs even wider apart. Then she feels his fingers playing with her pussy once more, spreading her pussy lips.

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For some reason, she drops down on her elbows, which raises her ass higher in the air. Then she feels something else, the head of his big cock nuzzling against her pussy lips. As it starts to slide into her she almost has an orgasm. Glen is amazed when his wife drops down on her elbows because she once told him that was her least favorite positions because she felt so exposed.

And she is exposed her wet puffy pussy lips and her puckered little asshole are on full display as he grabs her hips and slides his cock between her soaking wet labia. His hands on her hips show her the power that he now has over her a power that she resisted for so many years.

She feels the amazing realization that submitting to him is very freeing! And that action is making her hard nipples rub against the slightly rough fabric of the bedspread.

That makes her arousal skyrocket!! Then he is fully inside her his crotch pressed tightly against her ass cheeks his cock deep inside her where it belongs. Please fuck me!!

Very slowly he starts fucking her in long strokes, nearly pulling out before pushing all the way back in letting her feel every inch of his invading cock.

He has a sense of power over her right now, but also a sense of awe of how sexual she has suddenly become just from a little domination. He smiles as her pussy clenches around his cock and her little asshole seems to wink at him. He wonders if he ever dares to take her in that hole too. While he fucks her, he softly caresses her lovely ass cheeks. He continues sliding his cock in and out of her cunt for several minutes, not being in any hurry, basking in the eroticism of the moment. He feels his arousal rising so he stops.

He hears her whimper at the cease in motion. Then he pulls out of her pussy and his cock is coated with her nectar. He has another dirty thought. He shifts on the bed until he is kneeling next to her head. For a moment she is a little repulsed by the thought of taking his cock that had so recently been in her pussy and sucking on it.

But once more, the thought of the other woman and what she might do passes through her head. Tentatively she opens her mouth and licks the crown. She licks and sucks on it until he pulls away. She immediately obeys. He slithers up closer until his cock is resting against her pussy lips.

Slowly he pushes inward. He then hooks her knees over his arms and leans forward, nearly folding her in half while his cock slides into her pussy. Very soon, it is deep inside her maybe deeper than it has ever been!

She feels so full while he grinds his crotch against hers. And I love you!! A warm flush flows through her body at his words. Then he starts kissing her passionately just as he starts fucking her rather hard. She feels totally consumed by him since in his present position she is pinned to the bed unable to move even if she wanted to.

She is able, though, to grasp his head in her hands and hold it in place while he kisses her. He starts fucking her harder and faster their bodies making slapping sounds when they meet. His low hanging balls are slapping against her anus giving her sensations that she has never felt before.

Her hard nipples are rubbing against his chest sending ripples of pleasure straight to her pussy. Cum all over my cock! Just then a huge orgasm RIPS through her!!

She sees stars and fireworks behind her closed eyelids. Her whole body shakes and trembles, quelled only partially by the fact that his body is pressing down on hers. She almost feels like her body is melting into his to form one. Warm fluid is trickling no wait gushing down over her anus and ass cheeks onto the bed and she wonders if she has lost control of her bladder and is peeing.

And yet he is still fucking her! Glen is pleased that his wife has had an orgasm from fucking, something that almost never happens. It feels all wet and soggy between them and he wonders if she squirted from her climax. It even feels like fluid has squirted onto his balls and is dripping down off of them as they slap into her asshole. Although he is trying to stay in control, there is an ache in his loins and he is finding it difficult.

His arousal is rising rather quickly and he feels this inborn masculine need to breed. He is ramming his cock deep inside her and she loves it!!

A few moments later there is a growl that seems to come from deep inside him. It might be just in her brain but it feels like he is filling her with red hot liquid and that heat spreads throughout her body just as another orgasm slams into her. He is out of control when his orgasm hits and he is shoving his cock as deep inside her as he can while he shoots ropes of hot cum deep inside her quivering cunt.

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His rhythm is shot and his body jerks nearly uncontrollably. Moments later his body starts quaking from the exertion that it had just gone through. The muscles in his arms fail to hold him up anymore and he collapses down on top of his wife in a sweaty trembling heap. Neither Glen nor Marcy makes a move for a long time. Finally Glen manages to get enough strength to roll off of Marcy to lie beside her on his side.

Then he rolls her onto her side and pulls her close to him. Continued in Chapter 2. Please read Chapter 1 for the beginning of this story. While they are hugging, Marcy relives what just happened in her mind.

She has never had orgasms like the ones that she just experienced. And she has never been so relaxed and comfortable with her naked body as she is right now. In the past, their sex has always been rushed most of the time at her insistence since she always seemed to have things to do even if it was just mulling over some work item in her mind. She suddenly has a new found love for her husband! She looks into his eyes for a few moments before she suddenly puts her hand behind his head and pulls him toward her, nearly smothering him by a passionate, tongue-lashing kiss.

They have no idea how long that they kissed before it breaks.

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They look at each other for a while and roll away from each other slightly. His gooey cock has stuck to her belly during the kiss. You can go first if you want. She looks at him almost like she is seeing him for the first time. In all of their fifteen years of marriage and two years of courtship, they had never showered together she had always thought that it was too private of an act to share.

Never had she known how intimate it could be to have her husband tenderly washing her, although it did unnerve her just a little when he ran his soapy fingers over her anus. After their shower, he uses a big fluffy towel to dry her off and she does the same to him. They walk out into the bedroom and she heads for her travel bag and gets out a nightgown.

Once again she stops in her tracks and looks at him. He drapes one arm over her and grasps one of her breasts lightly fondling her nipple. All of a sudden she feels safe and secure. Soon she is fast asleep. The next morning, she awakens in pretty much the same position except now his morning wood is urgently pressing against the crack of her ass. His arm is still draped over her clutching her breast.

She lies there thinking about the events of yesterday and how much they embarrassed her and also how aroused that she became. She had some wonderful orgasms, the likes of which she had never had before.

Without even thinking about it, her hand slides down to her mound and unknowingly she starts playing with her pussy. Suddenly she realizes what she is doing and she jerks her hand back fearing more punishment for playing without permission. She sucks and licks her fingers, hoping to destroy any evidence of her naughty deed. But her pussy had been awakened and it starts tingling with desire. After a while, the sunlight is creeping around the room darkening shades when Glen wakes. He is amazed that they are still in about the same position and that his lovely wife is still nude.

He figured that she would get up sometime in the middle of the night and put something on. His morning wood is throbbing and he can smell her arousal in the air already. He wonders if she has been playing with her pussy. After she obeys his command, he shifts enough to slide his hard cock between her legs and up against her pussy lips. Are you aroused this morning? Her heart goes into her throat. How did he know?

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It was an accident! Morning sex had almost been non-existent in their lives since they were always in a hurry to get somewhere, even on the weekends. He grabs her leg and lifts it even more and pulls it back to give him more room to slide into her. He fucks her very slowly for a few minutes before he pulls out. Then I want you to slip my cock inside you and ride me cowgirl style.

Marcy blushes. Her big tits bounce a lot when she fucks him like that and she feels that her tummy is not as flat as it should be. A minute or so later she is aiming his rock hard cock at her pussy while she settles down on it.

She starts bouncing up and down on his pole, loving the way that it fills her up. All at once it becomes her mission to pleasure him so much that he fills her pussy with his cum one more time. She moves up and down a few times and then she sits down heavily and moves in a small circle around his cock. With the right mind-set she realizes that this is actually fun and she loves the smile on his face. Her breasts are bouncing up and down so she cups them in her hands as she starts fucking him harder.

Soon she is lost in her own world as she repeatedly rams his cock into her pussy. Her fingers are pinching her nipples now and he must like seeing that because she feels his cock jump inside her. A warm feeling is building in her belly while she fucks him and she worries if she climaxes first that she might not be able to continue. Finally she removes her hands from her breasts so that she can lean forward and place them on his chest for balance.

This allows her hips to move even more. While her arousal builds, her movements become a little wilder because she suddenly feels like she is free. Her hips are moving up and down rapidly at the same time that her arousal is rising.

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He reaches up and grasps onto her tits that are swaying rather wildly. He searches out her nipples, rolling them between his fingertips like he had watched her do. That seems to drive her on even harder. His arousal is also rising but he wants to make sure that she cums first before blasting away inside her.

With a mighty grunt, he suddenly jerks his hips upward, slamming into her while she is on her downward stroke. His cock begins spurting hot cum deep in her cunt. Marcy is shocked by his sudden orgasm and the moment that their bodies meet in a loud smack, a massive orgasm crashes over her, causing her to shake and tremble. She feels his cock pulsing inside her and that just intensifies her orgasm. He whimpers at the sudden loss in movements, but he immediately starts jamming his hips upward, repeatedly ramming his cock deep inside her while pumping her full of his pent-up cum.

As soon as he stops fucking her, she collapses down on top of her husband in exhaustion. She gets a shiver from his words of praise. A long time passes and neither one of them move.

Then he feels warm gooey cum dripping down on him. You are making a mess of me. I meant for you to clean me up with your tongue. He said it so softly yet there was a command hidden there.

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She looks at his cock covered in gooey and frothy white cream and she is momentarily repulsed. A shiver goes through her at that realization.

Without getting off of the bed, she leans over and starts licking up the gooey mess that she caused. And to her surprise, the taste was not bad. In fact, she finds that they taste good together. Glen is surprised, yet pleased that his wife did not put up a fuss about licking up their combined cum.

Marcy is shocked that her husband would want to kiss her after she licked up all of his cum. But that single act moved her so much and in her mind, just brought them even closer together. Tears form in her eyes when she realizes how much she has deprived her man over the years.

It just surprised that you would kiss me after I have licked up all of that gooey cum. After getting up, Glen calls Room Service and orders brunch since it is so late.

Marcy wants to get dressed for the Room Service delivery, but he insists that they just need to wear the white robes provided by the hotel instead. He then opens the curtains so that the sunlight can flow into the room. When they are done eating they sit around and drink coffee and talk. A moment later she is kneeling between his legs and kissing and licking on his cock.

Her lips pass over the crown and he moans while she swirls her tongue around it. She realizes that she has some power over him with her mouth. His fingers wind themselves in her hair as he gently controls her head, very slowly bobbing it up and down on his cock. His next command surprises her somewhat. Make yourself cum with my cock in your mouth. He continues to slowly fuck her mouth while she twiddles her pussy rubbing her clit and sliding her fingers inside her.

She is really wet, probably because some of his cum is still inside her from this morning. Her arousal is rising fast especially when he starts pushing more and more of his cock into her mouth. She starts to gag and he immediately retracts but the gag unexplainably causes a rush to go to her pussy.

Somehow he senses that and on the third time that she gags, she explodes in orgasm.

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