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And this all starts with strong daily habits. For me, this means doing things like lifting weights, practicing martial arts , playing basketball, writing, meditating , and traveling on a regular basis. I do these things because I enjoy doing them. I do them because I feel happy when I do them. Or if some guy disrespects me. Or get lost in a deep meditation.

The question is simply how we each choose to allot our fucks. You only get a limited number of fucks to give over your lifetime, so you must spend them with care. But fuck it, pretend like he did. The point is that fucks have to be earned and then invested wisely. Before we go further, I want to draw to your attention one of the most common signs that you give too many fucks about the opinions of other people: Approval seeking. Laurel or Yanny? The royal wedding? Stormy Daniels? Who gives a fuck?

People will criticize and complain no matter what you do. So you might as well do whatever you want to do. The problem with giving too many fucks about what other people think, is that you become afraid to take chances, your comfort zone starts to shrink, and you start holding back in life.

Failure would be less terrifying. Rejection less painful. I mean, if we could only give a few less fucks, or a few more consciously-directed fucks, then life would feel pretty fucking easy. I used to give a fuck about everything. I would get angry and frustrated at the smallest things, and like most people, I was extremely attached to what other people thought, said, and did. I rarely get triggered by anything. Most people react compulsively to everything everyone says and does. So easily offended.

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So easily triggered. But I promise you that after a while it becomes easier not to react then it does to react.

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See if it makes any difference at all. Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it.

I Don't Give a Fuck

Always work with it, not against it. Without exception: The people that are most easily triggered and upset by every little thing, have an overactive mind that has been conditioned to react to everything.

Meditation gives you space between you and your mind, and it allows you to detach from your triggers and to watch your thoughts without reacting to them, and to feel your emotions without being overwhelmed by them. I appreciate the article. Which one of your books goes more in depth on this topic?

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I bought Cool, Calm and Collected a few mins ago and will check out some of your other work. Thanks Steve. Thanks David. I listened to half of the other book today. Maybe she liked you, maybe not.

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It can only cause you more harm. Caring too much about the opinions of other people is a one-way trip to the mental ward. Why waste your finite life on it? As I said earlier, I was pretty inspired by this post, I made a counter-point to back it up.

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You know what happened after ive read this article? I have made two new friends that day!! I have found that the moment I stopped caring what other people thought about me was the moment that my life began to change. I quit my job, began working away at my own website, worked harder at amassing rental properties and dramatically reshaped who I was.

Shameful as this is, it cripples society and creates an army of drones whose only objective in life is to fit in. This topic is not covered enough! The amount of people suffering with this issue is stopping so many people from fulfilling there true potential. Awesome post and great blog! I hate it. I end up obsessing over someone being mad at me. I try so hard to not make people mad. But inevitably they seem to turn on me.

Dont give fuck

I feel like a wounded animal and the predators can smell blood:. Have the same problem which is why i read this article. Im just sick of giving a fuck but its so automatic to me now that I cant stop obsessing over making people dislike me.

Read more: How to Stop Giving a Fuck (and Stop Seeking Approval) [ ] The Top 5 Insecurities Guys Have (and How to Get Over Them) - How to Beast - [ ] see, insecurities hold power over us because we're afraid that other people are judging us based on these insecurities. Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! Search, discover and share your favorite I Dont Give A Fuck GIFs. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. "I don't care." This phrase is one of a kind. It has utmost emphasis and is a prime example of when someone does not care. The phrase is not to be used in a public environment unless you truly "Don't give a .

Its so stupid though. All this wasted time and energy. Not worth it. Thanks for the article. Dude this is amazing!!! Good read bro spread the truth! Thank you so much for this article!! This is a very common problem I face and this habit of giving fucks of what people might think about me, makes me self doubt and these thoughts literally torture me.

I have realised that as far as my actions do not harm anybody, I can just be myself and put all the necessary energy into doing something that makes life worth living and not waste it in the irrelevant emotions.

I have spent many many months, looking for validation from people after a dreadful heartbreak and the succeeding depression. I felt judged and unworthy of myself. Only your own fuck matters!

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Thank you so much! This was a breakthrough for me!

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That hit the spot! I read some of your previous comments and it was good that you mentioned about not giving a fuck about what others think vs not giving a fuck about people.

There is a huge difference as I was confusing both. Thanks and big cheers! Oh man! You totally made my day! Just what I have been looking for. Last two days were just bummer. I was on the road to feeling better and I read this and I am back to feeling like myself. Hey David.

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So I have social anxiety and am always giving a fuck what people might think of me. Do you think girls will really care about appearance or the confidence in a guy?

Improve your appearance work out, style, haircut, grooming and then just take action and talk to girls. Took your advice fella. The minute I gave up giving a rats arse was the day my life changed, I still value people but not manipulated by them. Best thing was I kicked out all antidepressant shirt. Hi Boss David, this article helped me a lot. I am sick and tired of all this people around me, who are very controlling and manipulative. At work or in the flat I am staying.

I will fight for my freedom. Thru not giving a Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo. Thank you My Friend. Hey Davidlol I dnt kno if im commenting on a really old blog or not, but tbh I dnt really giv a fuck. I find ur blog empowering and thnk u r awesome. I mean I am a pretty confident grl but ur blog gave me that push I needed.

Ur awesome x. David, if I really dislike martial arts but really like working out, can I just not do martial arts and just work out? Really inspiring post, thank you! And ultimately, that might need to be explored in therapy and require some serious in depth work. I guess what I am trying to say is that the advice is great, but sometimes finding the root of the problem might be the only way to snap out of unhealthy habits.

I ended up here by accident, but after i read this article i realized how i screwed up my life by those trifle feelings Any way nice article. This post may be spot on for some people, but misses the mark for a whole segment of the population.

Stated differently, some people are takers and other are givers. Loved your article. I just figured - hell lady - must be awful to be you. Wanna carry a grudge? My conscience is clear. Thank you. Your email address will not be published.

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David on June 28, at am. Asa on July 5, at am. But what if your values are proving impossible to live up to?? David on July 5, at am. Richard S Moreland on August 2, at am.

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Thanks Sam, glad you liked the post man. Gbear on April 24, at pm. Sruly on July 8, at pm. Ju on October 22, at pm. Pierre Souffrant on June 28, at am. Really needed this article bro. I already feel a weight lifted off my chest, thanks. Justin on June 28, at pm. David on June 28, at pm. Dan on June 28, at pm. Jake on November 21, at pm. Emanuel Orlando on June 29, at am. Jimmy on July 5, at am.

David on July 5, at pm. T on February 23, at pm. Steve Daniels on August 23, at pm. Awesome post man! Thanks again for inspiring me. David on August 24, at pm.

We give a fuck about the rude gas station attendant who gave us too many nickels. We give a fuck when a show we liked was canceled on TV. We give a fuck when our coworkers don't bother asking us about our awesome weekend. We give a fuck when it's raining and we were supposed to go jogging in the morning. Fucks given everywhere. Make a conscious effort "Try not giving a fuck, there's a lot of power in that." - Marc Maron. I used to give a fuck about everything. I would get angry and frustrated at the smallest things, and like most people, I was extremely attached to what other people thought, said, and did.

Stand up for the people who matter. Steve on September 7, at am. David on September 7, at am. Steve on September 8, at am. I like the audio versions. Easy for me to listen in the car. David on September 8, at am. I gotcha, the audio version of the new book should be out soon.

Just submitted it to Audible. Mummad on October 12, at pm.

25 Signs of a Covert Passive-Aggressive Narcissist

This article has changed the way i think. David on October 12, at pm. Azamat on January 22, at pm.

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