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Forget your guitar solos and your vocal gymnastics; the low-end is what gets toes tapping and people moving. You voted in huge numbers and the results are finally ready to be revealed. But hold your horses - we've got 29 stunning examples of first-rate bassmanship to get through before we get to the winner. Head on through the gallery to find out which basslines moved you, grooved you and made you want to get your hands on your own bass and make it sing. Session bassist Nathan Watts delivered the goods on this one, and what a groove-heavy performance he puts in - you can almost feel his fingers burning on those formidable slides in the outro chorus. He had one of the most distinctive bass tones out there, and it's deployed to devastating effect on Ace Of Spades. for penny, for

Obviously, I knew I needed to film a quick lesson for you so you can get this lick into your own toolkit In this lesson you're going to hear the lick, and then I'm going to break it down for you bit by bit so you can not only get this lick into your own vocabulary, but also understand why it works from a theoretical standpoint. That's a big statement, right?

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So let me give you the back story. And in that video I played a short little lick, and thought nothing else of it.

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Let's do this. Read the numbers left to right.

@Noodle_Panda The number on the strings corisponds with the fret on the neck of your Bass just as with a regular acoustic/electric guitar. "0" is an open string "1" is the first fret at the very end so on and /5. Lick #1 A common lick using D,Eb,D,C and A created by pulling on the G string. The first and last notes are the only ones articulated. Works on minor, dominant 7 or even suspended chord grooves Lick #2 - A simple walk up from the root to the major 3rd or 10th useable on any major chord Lick #3 - This soulful minor lick has slurred notes from C to D and then a little trill on G. Apr 20, "The coolest bass lick ever" That's a big statement, right? So let me give you the back story. Last week I published a short video over on YouTube of me jamming along with a groove (using the drum machine we're about to launch inside ScottsBassLessons for our members). And in that video I played a short little lick, and thought nothing else of it.

The letters represent your 4 strings. The numbers represent the fret you play it on.

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Sequence from left to right is just the order of the notes. Its easy to learn tableture. Medicine by Hollywood undead is easy, too.

Cool bass lick

Also, Money by Pink floyd. Cocaine by Eric Clapton is really easy too. O rly? G D G G repeate Just something I made up when playing Wings of a butterfly.

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Hello fellow bass junkies. Any advice for someone just starting out? I attempt to play seems way to fast for me. My fingers.

The 30 best basslines of all time

Seem to note able to keep up. Disturbed: Down with the sickness G] D] A]-- E] What do the numbers on the strings mean?

Sick Bass Lick You Can Play Over *ANY* Chord

I'm not educated in the ways of the bass. The numbers are the fret you press when you play each string.

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Your fingers will get faster with practice. Play some of the simple riffs shown. I'm new too but there is no substitute for practice and playing.

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Sunshine of my love was written by Eric Clapton and performed by Cream which Eric Clapton was a member of. G D A E Seven nation army G D A E King Nothing by Metallica also starts with a very cool bass line, but unfortunately its not easy.

Easier way to play seven nation army G D A E G D A E -- Smoke on the water. G - x4 x4 - repeat all few times faster G you know the song? G D A E This is how Feel Good Inc.

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Tune your guitar a half step down to E flat and etc. G D A 55x5x5 E x33 03 55x5x5 03 55x5 Adventure of a Lifetime by Coldplay.

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Great song to practice for anyone but it's more suited for beginners. G - x4 x4 - repeat all few times faster G Am i an idiot because i have no idea what this is?

G - x4 x4 -repeat all few times fasterG Am i an idiot because i have no idea what this is?

I don't understand your tab, I know basic notes but don't see any? I think your site is cool, but I couldn't leave based on this tab.

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What am I missing. Love this tabs, easy to learn and fun. I use it to get some rhythm.

Keeping your cool is extremely important as a bass player in a blues setting. Playing Powerful but relaxed grooves like a flattire will tie things together. Muting is a very important part of playing the bass. Well play licks that look at different types of right and left hand muting.
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