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Oh, nice, the first thing you think of is whether he lives in the South or not. It's just a damn shame that we still have manners, and we damn well know how to shoot and keep our guns clean, boy! Thank you, Hrothgar! Aight, so when I was laying down on the floor, I got an erection and I thought nobody would come in where I was at. Then my sister who was 19 at the time but is 20 now, came in. She was on the phone with her friend and I heard her say "its big". Then she came over and asked me was I getting the jordans that were coming out but I could tell it was b.

We were fucking buddy for about 6 months and it was really fun. Well there's no blood relation so as long as both of you are comfortable than go for it. Just keep in mind that you both are still technically family which can cause problems since inevitably either you will try to find another girl or she will try to find another guy since I doubt you two will marry. Xper 5. Sign Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. When should I tell my mom and dad that I have a GF? Does keep counting the number of condoms in his wardrobe normal?

I am a lesbian but have been having a fixation with creampies or being cummed in is this normal? Sort Girls First Guys First. I mean it might get weird, especially if you two get into a fight or get caught or fall in love.

I guess congrats on getting laid. I don't know man to be honest. I would keep it going she is not you " real " sister so what the heck just be careful none of that nut busting with out a rubber. Xper 6. If only all girls were like this but I would prefer it never be my step sister.

Fat sister sex

As long as you both like it and she's a stepsister and it was consensual. Nate Xper 3. She's only a step sister go for it have sex with her. PepeandShrekrmybaez Xper 4. It's bad But whatever I hope you have the info you need from everybody Beki. Xper 7. I mean if you re also under 18 I guess that's illegal as well, no? Perhaps you should tell your parents to do something about it, talk to her about whether she wants the baby or is she going to put him for adoption.

Because he was 19 and your sister is 13, that is sex with a minor that's statutory rape right? If the police found out he could be fined and convicted easily, but it all depends on what country you live in, because I'm australian and as far as I know, I law is different to other countries. SergeantPain Xper 4. I know this because I had a friend that happened to and my uncle is a laywer in the supreme court district. Stay on the right path the bad will be punished it looks like bad people always win but that's just wrong because you do not see the bad people all the time.

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I hope this story will end up good. Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. I see your underage also!

Alongside real-life sex stories, expect posts about feminism, porn, mental health, and fascinating fetishes. Now one of the biggest sex blogs in the UK, Girl on the Net began sex blogging in September , so feel free to dig through the archive and find out just how . So something really kind of odd happened the other day. Me, My Brother, and my sister were getting ready to go running. (They're twins, both 14, and I'm their younger sister, 13 years old) My brother was trying out a new pair of running spandex he got. You could see the outline of his penis through. so a few months ago my dad remarried with this lady who has a daughter thats my age, my dad and his new wife have been living together for almost about year and since they got married I've been spending more time with my dad. since I've been living with my dad for a few months now i really got.

I knew what was right from wrong at at 10! I think your whole family needs counseling to deal with this to tell you the truth. Xper 6.

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Your sister must be a major slut to get pregnant though at I mean unless he really raped her not statutory, but real rape. Show All Show Less. Exactly, she's old enough to know right from wrong. I don't think it's very much true that he raped your sister. Yes, he could have gotten her pregnant, but I don't seriously think so.

She could've just had sex with him. No big deal except she's a minor and he's not. PrettyBlack Xper 4. C wuz here! I find it interesting when people get to the shady edges of life the nastiness comes out.

For my project I chose to use character-based sex education to try to instill in my younger sister and her friend the self-respect, self-control, and courage needed to lead moral, fulfilling, and healthy lives. I wanted to inform my year-old sister Kathy about something that I unfortunately just began to take seriously: abstinence. Jan 01, You don't need a special occasion to go all-out in the bedroom. It may seem more romantic to light her fire after a wedding or a party, but odds are one of you will be too drunk to have a good quality romp. Make sex exciting all the time by breaking out of the cookie-cutter positions and listening to your girl. She is 13 and he is He cheated on me with my own sister and now she is pregnant. Is he going to go to jail because I hope he does. OK well my boyfriend is in jail because he robbed some guy, my sister and mom told the cops that he raped her but there is no proof or something. And she lost the.

Some of these answers have such hostility. Regaurdless of who did wrong using dirty names and saying someone deserves something for something they did based of the story of a a girl who is by the way under Treat yourself and others with some respect people.

I don't see american police just brushing this one under the carpet.

My boyfriend got my little sister pregnant

NO he is not my boyfriend still. That's called rape. Even if she "consented", she's underage and it's statutory rape. Tell the police.

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Yup his is going to jail and call the cops on him and ask your sister what happened from her point of view. Don't just get upset assuming that she just took him from you, he might have tricked her or something worse.

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That's so disgusting. He deserve Both your boyfriend and sister were in the wrong unless it was rape, and I mean actual rape. Ur sister is old enough to know what she's doing and is a horrible person for doing it. He's the same age as me Oh well I do pray for the best at the end, especially your sister The cops useally take this sort of case very seirouslly so yeah he's going to prison He didn't "cheat" with her; her molested her. She is incapable of giving consent at her age.

She is still a child. And yes, he should go to prison. You know that if she was indeed pregnant you they could have tested the baby even after it was rejected to see if it was his. So I think you are lieing.

I'm so sorry this happend to you and I hope you come out of this stronger! What a loser, he deserves to rot in jail! I hope all turns all well for you and your sister. I think you would have to make sure the authorities know what happened for him to get charged. But yeah, he could def. Sorry girl! Well he is only in jail for the robbery not my sister. If he is reported to the police, then he'll go to jail.

If no one tells the police, then no one will know. Yes, call the police. I know of nowhere where a 13 year old can consent to sex legally. That counts as sexual assault because she is a minor. I saw this on FML dot com! Except it was the boy talking.

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Sarina Xper 4. We'll I'm not sure if your story is true or not, but if it is, that guy deserves jail time indeed.

I come home very rarely, even if I stay I never used to sleep at home. So, recently I slept at home. Morning my younger cousin sister came to wake me up and pulled my sheet. Tadaaa She looked at my erection, threw back the sheets at me and went out laughing. I feel awkward after that incident. Big penises can be intimidating and painful during sex. But there are sex positions that help make the experience more pleasurable if you're uncomfortable. Then another day while I was upstairs in my room, my sister was walking up the steps and I heard her say something like "sex with my brother would be hot". Im curious to know does she want to have sex with me and has anybody else ever had sex with their sibling or even thought about it.

FutureSoldier Xper 5. Duh he is going to jail for pretty much rape. RissieSue15 Xper 4. DemsBones Xper 4. Hey crazy stuff happens a lot.

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