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In , two ex-cons, Dick Hickock and Perry Smith, entered the home of prominent Kansas farmer Herb Clutter and murdered him, his wife and two of his children with a shotgun in the middle of the night. His collective reporting went on to become the masterpiece In Cold Blood , a genre-defining work of narrative nonfiction. But it seems there might have been more to the story than we thought. According to a recent investigation by the Wall Street Journal , Hickock - who along with Smith was hanged in - attempted to tell his version of the murders. It also suggests that Capote knew about the manuscript and actively tried to suppress its publication. Where did the manuscript come from? With the help of late Kansas City journalist Mack Nations, he tried to get a deal with Random House - but the publishing house had already signed a deal with Capote for his forthcoming book In Cold Blood , so they turned Hickock and Nations down.

As the story progresses, the reader is able to better understand the relationship between Perry and Dick.

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Although both of these men are criminals, this characteristic is the only common trait between them. Perry is passive and dependant on other people.

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His submissive nature allows for Dick to manipulate and control him. In addition, Perry is vulnerable.

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With nobody reliable in his life, Perry needs a friend. When Dick calls needing a partner in crime, Perry has no reason not to assist his sly old cellmate.

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Yes, you had to hand it to him. As Perry watches in awe, he is unable to recognize that Dick is conning him too.

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Dick manipulates Perry into helping him write false checks and steal money as well as suits, rings and cameras. Perry is overwhelmed, almost disturbed, by the way Dick easily charms the salesmen and acquires a good amount of money.

Perry is attracted to Dick's clean-cut machismo, his "totally masculine" image. It is not only Dick's slightly apathetic and coarse manner that makes Perry gravitate to his companion, but also his. While Dick may have usually been in control, Perry did most of the work. He was able to murder, and during interrogations, Dick cracked first. In many ways, Perry is the more romantic of the two; he is more interesting as a literary character. Nov 08, Dick manipulates Perry into helping him write false checks and steal money as well as suits, rings and cameras. Perry is overwhelmed, almost disturbed, by the way Dick easily charms the salesmen and acquires a good amount of money.

Five thousand bucks is a lot of dough. However, there is no evidence to support the hit - not once was it brought up in the lengthy court proceedings and neither killer was thought to have received their cut of the pay. Newswire Powered by.

Dick Hickock and Perry Smith

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Path Created with Sketch. Because of the severe injuries, his legs were permanently disabled [9] and he suffered chronic leg pains for the rest of his life. To help control the pain, Smith consumed an excessive amount of aspirin.

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Smith was eventually paroled, and the pair later resumed their acquaintance upon Hickock's release in November Hickock allegedly wrote to Smith, imploring him to violate his parole by returning to Kansas to assist Hickock with a robbery he had been planning.

Smith claimed that his return was initially motivated not by meeting with Hickock, but by the chance to reunite with another former inmate, Willie-Jay, with whom he had developed an especially close bond while in prison; Smith soon discovered, however, that he had arrived in the Kansas City area just a few hours after Willie-Jay had left for the east coast. Smith met with Hickock, and almost immediately the two set to work carrying out Hickock's plan.

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Driving west to Holcombthey entered the Clutter home through an unlocked door late in the evening of November 14,whereupon they murdered the four family members present: Herbert Clutter and his wife Bonnie, and their younger children, Nancy and Kenyon. When they invaded the house, however, they discovered that there was no such safe.

Smith admitted to cutting the throat of the father, Herbert Clutter, as well as shooting both Herbert and Kenyon Clutter in the head with a shotgun at close range. Records show a dispute as to which of the two shot the women, Bonnie and Nancy Clutter.

Sources Analysis continued Analysis This passage shows that their relationship is more complex than it seems on the surface to Dick and Perry, and to the readers, which gives us a deeper insight to their relationship. Until now, we have seen Dick and Perry as a package deal and. What separates Dick from Perry is Dick's complete lack of remorse. We never hear a second thought from him about the Clutter murders. Perry obsesses over it, and Dick . Perry Edward Smith - Along with Dick, one of the two murderers of the Clutter family. He is a short man, with a large torso but small legs. His legs were badly injured in a motorcycle accident. He wants very much to be educated, and he considers himself quite intelligent and artistic.

Alvin Dewey, chief investigator of the Clutter family murders, testified at the trial that Hickock insisted in his confession that Smith performed all four killings; Smith, however, first confessed that Hickock killed the women, but refused to sign his confession, and later claimed to have shot them himself.

Although Smith's revised confession coincided with Hickock's initial statement, both Smith and Hickock refused to testify in court, leading to a lack of an official record detailing who killed the women.

Mar 21, In , two ex-cons, Dick Hickock and Perry Smith, entered the home of prominent Kansas farmer Herb Clutter and murdered him, his wife and .

While Smith had only a grade-school education, he maintained a strong interest in art, literature and music. His rough past regarding his family and abusive childhood led him to be somewhat distant from people.

He read extensively, and during his time on death rowwrote poems and painted pictures for other inmates from photos of their family members.

Dick and perry

During research for his novel In Cold BloodTruman Capote extensively interviewed Smith and eventually befriended him. Smith and Hickock were executed by hanging on April 14, Smith was hanged second, dying at am.

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Nearly 50 years after the executions, the bodies of the killers were exhumed from Mount Muncie Cemetery in Lansing, as authorities hoped to solve a year-old cold case using DNA.

Smith and Hickock had originally been questioned about the December 19,shooting murder in Osprey, Floridaof Cliff and Christine Walker and their two young childrenas evidence indicated they had spent time just a few miles from the crime scene while at large after the Clutter murders.

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A polygraph administered at the time of their arrest cleared them of the murders, but by modern polygraph standards, their test results are no longer considered valid. Only partial DNA could be retrieved, possibly due to degradation of the DNA samples over the decades or contamination in storage, making the outcome one of uncertainty neither proving nor disproving the involvement of Smith and Hickock.

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Investigators have stated that Smith and Hickock still remain the most viable suspects.

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