Can men squirt more things

Men can squirt like women! I discovered this a few years ago. This is how it works. The goal is to squirt, not to ejaculate. So this is what you do:. Step 2. If you are uncircumcised, pull the foreskin all the way down with your left hand, and hold it there.

Oh Ecstasy!! I hopped online right away to gather as much intel as I could, and came across this very page. After some strenuous research on other websites, and reading the techniques described here, I have had multiple, multiple successes in achieving the male squirting orgasm, and have found some techniques helpful and effective:.

Pull back any foreskin, put on a cock ring, use a penis pump like I did the first time :por use whatever accessories you wish to make your phallus comfortably huge. The Vacuum of the penis pump will get you the biggest, and prepares the male squirting orgasm best, because it shows you exactly which areas of the glans desire stimulation the most.

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Just realize that the ring should be removed before too long! Internal will really get you revved up, but if you are trying to squirt, only a little internal will really help you out, its mostly the outside rubbing.

This is where a vacuum pump really comes in handy, because the most bulbous and plump areas are the best to be stimulating. This makes stimulation to the glans much, much more intense and successful!

After I use a cock pump, this area has a huge bulge that slightly resembles a clitoris; and the sensation there is unbelievable. I find that if I do this effectively, I moan uncontrollably and fidget and squirm with delight.

It is almost uncomfortable to keep receiving such sensation, but it is pure joy to journey through it. Even more so than the quarter-million dollar USD supercars on display at the auto show. And those get me horny as a bitch. There should be absolutely no pee, and little to no smell. A bitter taste is probably indication of a little urine, but when done properly, one will only explode with lubricating fluid, and it should have a very subtle flavor, if any, and it usually smells musty.

Because it is. May those of you that deserve to experience this uncover the defining and empowering indulgence that is a male squirting orgasm. I first experienced this while getting a blowjob. She just had the head of my penis in her mouth and was sucking on it pretty hard like a sucker i guess. Not taking my shaft in her mouth in the normal in and out motionjust the head. Wondering had happened I was in the shower and like the post says I pulled the skin back with one hand and with the other I used my pointer and middle finger and wrapped them around the head with the tips of the fingers wrapping around underneath the head right to where the vain down the middle goes into the head.

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With the pointer finger closer to your body, so the backwards way of how you normally hold your penis to masterbate, If you squeeze the head while you move your hand away from you, and I slightly rotate my hand while I squeeze and roll the fingers off of the tip, it feels great right away.

For myself, it usually only takes a few strokes and I squirt. Sooo glad i found this page! But it definitely was not pee and it has no taste. And I would have to push for it to come out. No per just the weird liquid. But for me I could control it. It was never uncontrollable. So if u try this and u feel like ur bladder is becoming abnormally full quickly then start pushing and that clear liquid should come out.

It was quite interesting lol. I had trouble at first circumcised but I just did it. Immediately after ejaculation, if you use your palm to massage the head it should work.

I am very much anxious to have this matter for dying!! But it is so unfortunate because it could never ever happen to me. Well, I found these instructions long weeks ago on web search and tried, though nothing came on me. Just an usual creamy cumshot by accident. I heard that men can squirt like a cunt does, occasionally. That is why I really want to squirt smell and color free liquid from my cock. I believe that the way I stroked was wrongis it like you keep stroking faster around the top of head with your palm?

Like Chris and Mulholland replied, yeah I really want to squirt!! Stimulating prostate can be pleasurable, but tickling your frenulum also can be amazing!! It takes you long minutes to cum thougha great turn on after you get you off!! I looked up this topic because it happened to me.

Jun 11, I read about "male squirting" a while back and saw a couple of videos, but dismissed it as the squirt just being piss, as stimulating the head in this way does make you want to pee and I can't see what else the liquid in that quantity would be. However reading the . Feb 01, Men are actually capable of squirting as well, but very few men actually do so, as a result the word doesn't spread around that easily. This article actually talks about it and gives instruction on how to squirt Men HERE is how to squirt like a woman the best orgasm of your life. Watch The True Male Squirting Compilation II on, the best hardcore porn site. Pornhub is home to the widest selection of free Solo Male sex videos full of the hottest pornstars. If you're craving male squirt XXX movies you'll find them here.

I and apparently other men out there can squirt just like women do in the pornos. I promise you its real. The first few times it happened to me was when I was having sex with my wife.

She holds my erect penis in her hand and rubs the head of my penis on her clitoris until she cums but on this occasion I was having sex with her and pulled out just before i was about to cum inside her. She grabbed my throbbing penis before i could stick it back inside her and started to shake it vigorously on her clit. My penis was so sensitive it was painful and i felt like i needed to pee. I tried to hold it and not pull away from her but the feeling intensified until fluid came out of my penis.

This fluid was the consistency of urine and felt like urine coming out, not sperm.


During lunch I went to the restroom. I locked the restroom door and started stroking my penis and tugging my balls over the toilet. I stopped just before I was about to cum telling my self I would save it so that i could impress my wife with a big load when i got home. I noticed that my penis was a little smelly so i waddled over to the sink, set my balls on the rim of the sink and started washing it. As i was washing my penis head it started to get really sensitive but i liked it so i started stroking the head only, to see what would happened if i pushed that sensitive feeling to the limit.

After some more passionate rubbing some fluid spurted into the sink as if i had peed only for about a second. It had the consistency of urine but it was clear like water.

The sensitivity subsided but i wanted more so i started rubbing my penis head again until the sensitivity was unbearable and i had the sensation i needed to pee. Again like the first time the same fluid spurted out of me like urine but it only lasted 1 second.

I continued rubbing my penis head and it happened again the exact same way a for a third time. I tried for a fourth time but the sensitive feeling went away and i could not get it back no matter how hard i rubbed so i finished washing my self and left.

Before this i hated porn in which women would squirt because i thought it was fake but now i knows it real. I would love to make a video but im afraid that someone will recognize me. Believe me its real and its awesome. I read through a lot of the posts but not all of them. I do this in the shower with the massage setting.

When you are stimulated enough, hold tight your dick with your left hand, with only the head above your hand. You have to rub only the head. It is very imprortant! If you rub the entire head, you will ejaculate.

After you squirt, try it again immediately. You will come again after a few seconds. And again, and again. And whenever you want, you can still ejaculate. Omg I almost had him squirt but made me get off because he felt this feeling that he had to pee I was nervous but yet turned on even more now knowing that I can make my man squirt.

Ima chick and I was giving this guy head and he started squirting and I thought it was pee but pee has an odor to it and its yellow. My gf started doin this to me and we both loved the feeling her: rubbing my penis and the liquid. I just did it to my husband and he asked me to stop he had to go pee and i told him thats what he was suppose to feel and a minute later he released a large amount of clear liquid and said that he wants to do it again he loved it.

I did not need the hand lotion It felt Like I needed to go pee And I got up and started to walk to the bathroom and It came out it was see threw easily mistaken by pee. Hi all. As soon I have a private time I surely will try it again and hopefully I can accomplish the squirting.

It kinda pains. Keep on try it. I use Vaseline and I love the feeling. You what are you using and are u uncut or cut? Kind of a shame, I was looking forward to this.

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Will try again later. I just read about it about an hour ago and then I got in the mood and went to go do my normal thing including anal masturbation using a banana feels amazing by the way but then I decided to try this and within seconds I have a ton of clear fluid coming out.

It was the best feeling ever. So I decided to give it another try and again.

Men Can Squirt Like Women! here is how to squirt.

So I tried it. And its a major turn on to squirt in your own mouth. But only this way. Haha but anyways this felt so good I completely ignored my usual anal stimulationso to do it. I took my non dominant hand and held my Dick right under the head just to keep it steady while I did this.

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I took my dominant hand and with the palm of my hand with lube, I use olive oil I started to swirl it around on top of my Dick head. The lighter the better for me but sometimes I had to go faster and a little harder. And sure enough that I have to go pee feeling comes around and you work through it.

And then bam!!!! I really would like to experience that kind of pleasure. This happened to me while i was 15 or something and i was really scared cause I thought I had a problem or something. I started with some lub on the tip of my penis. The taste is almost the same, that apple pie like taste.

My legs were vibrating when i feel the urge to gush my squirt!!!!.

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It was in fact such a huge load, so uncontrollable!!! It ran down my calves and wetted my white flip flops. Since my flip flops were new and pure white, i was able to notice that the liquid was clear without any yellowish tint. I did it but instead i started to cum.

I felt like i was about to pee but instead cum started to pour out. Can anyone help me. He gets real hard and when I think he is about to cum he squirts this liquid. He thinks he has that pee feeling but he gets a sensation like he ejaculated!

Very different between the two, but he enjoys it very much. While the squirt liquid can have a yellow tinge to the colour, the smell of urine is not there. In my opinion the yellow tinge makes sense since the pathway for the fluid flow is the same whether urine from the bladder or prostate fluid, but to me the squirting liquid is simply fluid from the prostate.

It also smells like urine. Also, it should be noted that some animal handlers stimulate animals in this fashion in order to force them to urinate. I think by stimulating this area you will piss uncontrollably. It worked for me once and it was cool.

Scary a little but felt great. Also use the stop and go method. When you feel like your gonna jizz stop and wait aprox. Repeat this process untill you squirt. It takes me about 10 times. Hope this helps. Peace out. I use a penis pump from off and on and it does work if you stay it 15 minutes or so daily or a couple of times a day.

I believe it is much easier or perhaps only possible for uncircumcised men to squirt. See my earlier comment above. Think about it, an uncircumicised man is how nature intended things to be and for sex to be the most pleasureable. Is there video of this anywhere?

Can men squirt

Can a blow job on the dick head make one squirt? And how can i increase my dick length and grith? Pliz help. I do this but after I ejaculate the head become very sensitive even the shower can make it happen feels amazing. I want to know if this squirting works only for men that are uncircumcised or does it work also for men that are circumcisied.

This happens to my boyfriend all the time! All I have to do is stimulate the head with my hand a lot, and tons of clear fluid shoots how way faster then pee.

Not to be gross but I have tasted pee, it is NOT pee. It is clear and a ton of it comes out, It soaks through a big thick towel that we have to use for when it shoots out too fast for me to catch it, I estimate about a half cup of fluid like someone else said. Also, he can squirt out this clear liquid a couple of times and then come normally. It looks and tastes like female ejaculate, very specifically bitter.

A Pleasure Times Stronger than Ejaculation! How to Squirt as a Male

Nothing like pee at all. Yes, funny.

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Happened to me and I thought I just wett up the entire bed, one of the best feelings I ever had! Still confused about it tho? I tried it twice I rubbed the head of my dick but I just ejaculated normally, can any body tell me whats wrong? I want to feel that. Yes you can squirt quickyer if you massage your prostate. Drink lots of water before hand until your pee is clear, about glasses 1.

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Our goal to fuck in every space, vibrating clothes washer may set the pace. Another test we want to see, is it possible to fuck and pee? Pissing till her fannys full, or up Mistys ass to wash out a stool? Misty says she has to pee, but wants to widdle all over me, Off to laundry floor grass matt, I lap it up while lying flat.

My mind starts to wander, we speed up the stroke, all of a sudden she is going for broke. First a dribble then a flow, from mistys vagina juices go. I stop my stroke pull her ass in tight, try to focus with all my might. Her legs start to wobble her time is near, close my eyes, nothing to fear. Her ass is gripping my cock so firm, as I feel it come she starts to squirm. A really long piss up her bum was had, but way less capacity than fanny had. Hydro ass flush now complete, in the shower she washes my meat.

Try pissing while fucking, have a go, and if you can let Misty know. So, is this semen??

Men CAN squirt like woman! A few years back I ran across a post on a forum saying that if u quickly rubbed the head of the penis that you would squirt out a clear liquid, not semen, and it was the mans version of a womans squirt. I thought I bookmarked it but didn't and didn't run into anything about it for awhile. Then a few months back while. For men to be able to squirt, you have to bear that ticklish feeling you get after ejaculating and rub the tip using your palms. If you do this, a transparent liquid will come out of the urethra, or so that's how the phenomenon is supposed to be. Aug 16, Yes men can squirt also. The farthest I have ever squirted with a woman's help was about feet. There is two major ways to make a man squirt. (1) first get the man real horny by kissing, licking, and sucking all over his body.

It took some work but without touching my cock at all I shot squirt like crazy. I figured that might be the outcum but never imagined it possible. Its little wierd and im scared it will happen to me when i will get BJ hope my GF will understand. Me n my bf were well you kno and he said he had a very strong sensation to urinate bt he had jus emptied his bladder and he said it was generalized in the head area of his penis.

I asked him did he hav to pee he said no of course bcuz he jus had. I being a squirter myself was joking around and sed oh so u cn squirt too. I told him to release it and with a little hindrance eventually he did!!

Thn he sed he felt an extreme rush of pleasure and ecstasy So we looked it up and found this!!! Now he feels lik he is not alone and is hooked on squirting again!!! Thanx fr the info!! This has been happening to me since I was a kid. I just decided to look it up today. Not all girls that come squirt and I think its the same with guys as well. Lol you dont have to do all that shit all you need to do is pull down your dick and masturbate it might hurt but i did it in 2 minutes.

You can even taste the liquid it is almost tastless , and is not much thin.

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I can understand in a small way why the ladies who indulge, love itand why they can fuck for a long time and never seem to tire of the ramming or the many, many squirting assgasms that follow. Can somebody post a how to video.

I tried it several times but only had a traditional ejaculation. I was with a guy the other day and he was jerking me off. He was doing everything it says above. I did, and then suddenly this clear liquid just shot out like a fountain. Tell me how to manstrubate? I am very intrigated for this a long time ago.

But i tried it several times trying what you coment and finally i finish cumming,but as regular cum. Men Can Squirt Like Women! It's possible.

And it kinda makes a bit of sense. I discovered it first with an escort who was giving me a handjob. I am now able to do it to myself with a bit of practice. I can also squirt multiple times in a row and still cum normally afterwards once I have had a break. It feels very different, and the head of your dick goes ultra sensitive. I think men who are uncircumcised can do it easier.

It is strange though, your dick may only go half-hard during the stimulation, but as long as you keep one hand at the base of your dick to have the foreskin properly pulled-back, you should be able to squirt a lot of clear fluid. It feels amazing and very different! Had it twice now. Couldn't find what you looking for? Guest over a year ago In reply to interested virgin on - click to read.

For men, it's all about the prostrate stimulation. Most guys are not in tune with their senses [men being visual creatures], and are therefore unable to orgasm without visual stimulation. Basically, if the guy can orgasm by having his scrotum rubbed, he can orgasm through anal. For women, it's all about g-spot stimulation. Which makes it little better than vaginal.

Still, it's been known to happen. Dependant on the person, not the length of the duration of stimulation though. Kevin B over a year ago Your title is mis-leading. My first thought was "No, no cum is produced from the anus of either gender. There are lots of responses claiming "yes" However, I believe this is a learned response.

People who come while receiving anal stimulation tend to associate this stimulation with sexual excitment and climax. The opinion that women can come from anal stimulation may be true, but I doubt that it is G-spot stimulation. Relationships are all about, give and take. So whats a codependent relationship. Couples need to start talking! Female Ejaculation the tricks on how to Squirt.

Men Can Squirt Like Women! We know men can ejactulate but I discovered a few years ago men can squirt as well, not ejaculate but squirt just like a woman full on orgasmic squirting, Here is how you do it. Jon the nudest. Survey reveals men would spend over four hours a day having sex March 21, Poly Jargon and Poly Geometry May 17, Recent Posts Popular Posts. Find out more about Anal anal sex BDSM blow job clit lit cock couples cum Dating dom Erotic erotica erotic fantasy erotic fiction erotic literature erotic stories Erotic Story Competition fantasy fiction love Masturbation Naked new relationships Non-Monogamous Orgasm Orgasms pof polyamory Porn pussy relationships Role play Self Pleasure Sex sex stories Sex toys Sexy spanking sub sub dom relationships submission submissive Vibrator vibrators wanking.

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