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I believe 'spit roasted' in this context means that she engaged in a threesome with them. I was giving oral to one Spit-roasted means getting fucked by one guy ass or cunt while sucking another guy's dick. Me and my sister had sex in the bath room after too many drinks at a party at my aunts house two weeks ago. She bent over the bathroom sink and I fucked her from behind with my hands around her waist.

My brothers friend asked me to go out into the garage so I did, he was really built and 15 years old, I was He asked me to kick him in the balls, so I did and he fell down and curled up. He got back up and asked me to do it again and again, he started getting real weak from it. It was so much fun to see an older guy fall at my feet.

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Anyway he asked me to rub them, so I did through his pants but did not know if I was rubbing his balls or not. He said that he would pull his pants down and I wanted him too. He pulled my hand to his ball sack and I felt them, they were so big and very tender. Anyway I played with them a lot and sometimes I squeezed them to see what would happen.

It was weird when I squeezed his ball he curled up and had trouble breathing? I asked him if I could squeeze hard and he let me, I felt his balls almost bust, they gave in like they were going to bust open. He asked me to check his balls to see if they still worked? He told me that if I got the juice out that his balls were OK. So anyway it only took a few minutes and he pulled it out of my mouth and I watched it shoot straight up into the air and land on his belly.

It went about 3 feet in the air and spurted over and over so his balls worked fine. I had no idea how much came out, he explained how it made babies and that was so cool. I wondered how that all worked. The next day we did it again and he asked me if I had a period yet, I said no.

So he said that I could put it in me and would not get pregnant, that's cool I said. Anyway I was scared because it was so big, he put just the end of it in me, I was so hot. I did it doggie style and after about 5 minutes I backed up some more to get more in me.

He went in and out very slow and was careful with me. It was so cool I begged him to come back every day. The next day I planned to try to get it all in me, I asked him how big it was and he said about 7 or more inches. I backed up into it and got it all in, I knew I had it all because I could feel his balls swing up and hit me when he pushed it in real hard.

I wanted to see what would happen if I did a self defense move so I reached back and grabbed a ball and squeezed it as hard as I could real fast. He jerked out of me and curled up and started coughing? He could not move for over 20 minutes and I asked him if it worked good and he could barely talk.

Cum for sister

Anyway wow what a cool move. I rubbed his balls gently and he got better then begged me to never do that to him again. His balls worked OK because he put it in and just after a few minutes he shot it out again, I reached back and rubbed his balls and they were so tender. First time I got a guy to cum Well, I didn't actually see it happening But either way: Me and my boyfriend were making out in his car before he was gonna take me home.

After about half an hour of messing around, he said "I've been So, well, I did Through his jocks though I started feeling around, and it just seemed right to stroke it :P He didn't try to stop me, so I kept going. My jocks? The only time I've seen him come was one time when, while giving him a hand job through his underwear, I decided I was gonna finish him skin-to-skin, but he blew his load just as I was lifting up his underwear and got some on my shirt XD That was only the third time I'd seen his penis, or ANY penis irl other than family when I was younger, and walking in on my mum's boyfriend in the shower once so I pretty much ignored it, half out of nervousness.

Once we got in the shower he was turned away from me and I realy wanted to see. He was embarrassed and it was getting bigger now it was as big as my elbow to my wrist. Then I tasted it but it was kind of salty so I stopped.

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Then we did it again and again. We started doing it once a week then every day after. Wait, it really felt good at that young of age? I would think it would hurt. I arranged to go on a date with a boy that my friend also liked, and we talked about what might happen if we started making out. She played a horrible trick on me and told me that a girl has to make the sperm come out by squeezing it out of his testicles when he says he is ready to cum. Thank you for your advice! Share Facebook.

My sister touched my brothers penis? Add Opinion. Enquirer Xper 1.

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It's your choice of whether you want to ask them about it. But like you said, twins are close and do almost everything together.

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Your sister's curiosity and actions are normal, since all girls have that same curiosity when they reach puberty. Lots of twins have had some kind of sexual experience with each other, just like regular boys and girls. I definitely wouldn't tell your parents about it.

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And like I said, it's your choice as to whether to talk to one or both of them about it. I've seen posts from girls and women who said they learned how to give handjobs and blowjobs by practicing on their brother's penis, so what your sister did isn't nearly as a big deal. Well it's pretty inappropriate but I doubt that they had any bad intentions or that they do it in private. As long as it doesn't continue it'll eventually just become a harmless but extremely awkward memory. That doesn't sound right.

I mean, from my knowledge it's been fine if he was a baby and she was cleaning him but since they're the same age I don't know. When I was a kid I showered with my older sisters because we were close and they got me to shower that way. But actually touching sexually I don't think so. And they always say family is not meant for sexual stuff. You could try to tell them in a good way that it's not right and it's not apropriate and no one is supposed to touch anyone's private areas and only in sex with a future partner.

But it's private and not right.

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Also shouldn't have sex with everyone. I don't think a parent would take that lightly or just ignore it simply because you're "youngest" Kalinda Xper 6.

I don't think they'd donthat in public if they were doing anything " more". Bc they'd be paranoid and go to extra lengths to cover it up.

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Sign Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Why did that happen? Guys have you ever used a escort girl 4 sex? Do men expect women to have absolutely no hair around their genital area?

Any funny/embarassing "cum on girl" stories?

Sort Girls First Guys First. Xper 7.

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You have confessed being intrigued seeing your sister touching penis. If so, why do you think of asking them or telling parents? Damn you sure made him cum that day.

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I've never admitted it but I thoufht about you doing that a lot. I said. It was so hot watching you. Yeah it really was hard as hell. I know she said. I wantwd to come and grab it anf stroke it for you while you were suckin his big dick.

Why didn't you? I asked? I didn't want to shock you.

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That wouldn't have happened. So yoy would have let me strike your cock? Why not?

My sister gave me head one night after a party. No. Too bad he isn't here. Yeah but I would want him to suck my cock and make me cum. If he were here he would make me suck his cock til he came. Damn you sure made him cum that day. Home > Sexual Health > Has anyone ever had a shared sexual experience with a family member? Most Helpful. Girls what does it feel like to be "creampied"? KafJ Xper 5. Follow. Facebook. Twitter. 0 0. im really curious because when i get round to having sex with my be want to have him do it to me. I don't know why be when I cum inside her its always so much more intense, I tend to have a full body orgasm, she knows just when to clench and. I arranged to go on a date with a boy that my friend also liked, and we talked about what might happen if we started making out. She played a horrible trick on me and told me that a girl has to make the sperm come out by squeezing it out of his testicles when he says he is ready to cum.

Because Im your sister. Yeah so? I said as I pulled my shorts off and began to masterbate in front of her again. OMG she said. Look how hard you are! I took my hands off of it and spread my thighs wide. Mmmm ok she said as she gently wrapped both hands around my cock and stroked it up n down hard n slow. Uhhh yeah I moaned Lean down and put you mouth around it Isaid. Mmmmkay she said as she slowly laid down on her belly and took my cock in het mouth mmmm she moaned Mmm mmm mm mmm she moaned as I held her head in my hands and thrust my cock in and out of her wet mouth.

Any funny/embarassing "cum on girl" stories? bellabell. Xper 3. Follow. Facebook. Twitter. 0 2. I was giving my boyfriend a blowjob yesterday in my bedroom. I heard the garage door opening right when he started cumming. He shot most of it in my mouth, but some landed right on top of my nose. Wait, so your sister realized you had come on. Girls that swallow: Why do you swallow cum? Add Opinion. Most Helpful Girls. Anonymous +1 y. I always swallow! I've given head to 3 guys, and even though the taste of their come is somewhat different, I've gotten used to it after awhile. I enjoy giving head and to me swallowing goes with giving head. It just seems to me that it'd be a. So something really kind of odd happened the other day. Me, My Brother, and my sister were getting ready to go running. (They're twins, both 14, and I'm their younger sister, 13 years old) My brother was trying out a new pair of running spandex he got. You could see the outline of his penis through.

Mmm mmm mm mm she moaned louder and louder as her lips smacked and popped as my hard cock sild from tip to base over and over again until I erupted in her mouth so hard that it dripped out both sides of her mouth. Mmm mmm she moaned as she swallowed as much of it as she could.

Then she gently continued to suck it slowly and french kiss the tip of it til it was clean. And we played it once with a neighbor girl. I would come into the room like a mummy, and hump their butts.

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Does all of us walking in on my parents count? It's a particular way of 3some Show All Show Less. I'm guessing you don't want to say. Ohh OK. Dam, you and all your kinky sex. I mean, for a MFM its pretty basic Its still kinkier than what most people be doin.

I think it is less kinky then anal sex or anal play Ehhh, not really.

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That's just a difference in opinions tho I guess. Sign Up Now!

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