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She will lie for you but still love you. She will die for you but cry for you. She is a ride or die bitch who will do whatever it takes to be by your side. Thugs love these bitches and they show this by showering them with stacks of cash, flashy jewels and rides. Urban Dictionary. I taught a class on black masculinity during the pre-summer session and the course covered everything from black man stereotypes, and the patriarchal requirements of black masculinity to big black penis myths, homophobia, and hip hop. Forgive me for a quick perhaps academic summary.
down ass chick unknown a girl that is not high maintenance, she's down for whatever and doesn't complain when you hang with the boys. ride or die chick. Hey man, the girl I'm dating is a down ass chick.

My lady Got me seekin capital game when I spit sixteen Whether bars or sixteens in the doors of cars A star is born In the hood, made a name live on, R-U-L-E, ladies, feel me. Baby say yeah, baby say yeah If you'd lie for me, like you lovin me Baby say yeah, baby say yeah If you'd die for me, like you cry for me Baby say yeah, baby say yeah If you'd kill for me, like you comfort me Baby say yeah, baby say yeah Girl I'm convinced, you're my down ass bitch.

Charli Baltimore Now I'm show you blood or love, there's no belly you bounce from Blow sellin, dough amounts to no tellin There'll be no tellin, snitches get it back Those gats to your backs for my boy What part of the game is that, huh?

Niggas and they feelings cause I handle your dealings, keep your name in tact My fame's in tact so cops won't know what it's hittin for Now hoes wanna know what you shittin for Cause I'm your bitch, the Bonnie to your Clyde It's mental, mash your enemies, we out in the rental I'm your bitch, niggas run up on ya, shift ya lungs, who's your organ donor?

What they know about, extreme meausures I'm a ride with you And my baby three-eighty at my side And we lock the town, I'm as down as any thug My love, they gotta take us in blood, what. Ja Rule You could die from love, at any given time I could die from slugs But that's what this life is capable of The death and the life of a bitch and a thug, is what I'm scared of But got a woman that ain't afraid to, tuck the toast in the Escalade Pop on niggas that showin me shade, but only for the Rule cause that's my baby Got me a down ass bitch with red hair, that don't care Blazed by the shots and flares Girl c'mon, follow me, and bust back at police, conceal ya heat It's a bit much to blaze up Rule and Chuck and I.

Ja Rule Thug on, cause you my down ass bitch Thug on, ladies Thug on, cause you my down ass bitch Thug on, baby Thug on, cause you my down ass bitch Thug on, ladies Thug on, cause you my down ass bitch Thug on, baby. I find that kind of slang a shade misogynistic. Try referring to yourself as a woman and see how that feels.

Ja Rule Down Ass Chick

I find it empowering. After all, a woman is amazing, powerful, strong, adult, controlled, sophisticated, beautiful. A chick is.

hand washes the

We called it the next phase in hip-hop that was laced with an immature construct of the next big Black movement since the Civil Rights era. Little did we know, that was nothing more but mainstream dollars talking.

Down Ass Bitch

It sold and appealed to the rest of us who were disconnected because it meant loyalty to your oppressed Black men. It was me and you versus the world. It was U-N-I until the day we die. I bought into it as well. I idolized Tupac and his conflicting self.

I wanted the type of woman he wanted. I tried to stay hard because MC Lyte who I thought was so fine said that she needs a ruffneck.

rains but pours

From what I can tell, she is supposed to be a good cook, might be on food stamps, and is at the top of her sex game. She is not a ho because, although she is perpetually single, she is single because her standards are so high.

every great

I think she is distinguished from the DAC in that she might demand more respect. Except Halo, all her songs reek of bougie DAC.

can't hold

It seems that we can measure our maturation as a people by the type of woman we choose and elevate, and to some extent, I would agree with that. I submit, though, that it is neither the DAC, the ho, nor the good girl, which are all born of some kind of rebellion, and all, again, looking for one type of man, the thug or pseudo thug. The focus is there so we ignore the fact that there is more than one kind of black man.

watched pot

My friend Cleo calls it the ghettoization of the planet. When it comes to relationships, the criteria for your partner should be based on interpersonal compatibility, not labels. I am looking for a partner with similar life goals, who can accept me with my flaws and loves me for my quirks, who wants to invest in the future together.

Sense of humor, personality dynamics, etc. And if we ARE compatible, then that partner would be looking for the same - not someone who fits the x, y, and z criteria for being x or y or z.

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Ya down ass chick I wanna be your chick (It ain't only for the RULE baby) I ride for u, Down for u Do anything ya want me to I be ya down ass chick [Ja Rule:] This chick no intentions of bein. May 31, Down Ass Chick:  a woman who is a lady but she can hang with thugs. She will lie for you but still love you. She will die for you but cry for you. Lyrics to 'Down Ass Chick' by Ja Rule. Ja Rule, Chuck B-more Every thug needs a lady And every thug needs a down ass bitch, huh, feel me Every thug needs a lady Baby I'm convinced, you my down ass .

I am a feminist. As a white girl I could never understand this experience. No, I am not a DAC and will never be. If it is wrong, then I am not doing it or will lie for a man.

true word

I guess that is why I am divorce because I was not ex-husband DAC, and his current wife is, which just had him thrown in prison. I like this article because it help me to understand the behavior of a DAC. I am currently studying behavior science in school, and this article can be a good topic to discuss. I totally agree with you until you get to the end pretty much the last paragraph.

I refuse to be in the company of men and women who believe that it is okay to support the habits of othersand I refuse to be demeaned, because I choose to have principles and stand by them. I know a lot of women in their 20s these days who believe that it is okay to take care of a manand half of them have never had the experience of living by themselves which I think is horrible.

Where Crunk Meets Conscious and Feminism Meets Cool

What really trips me out is they choose the drug dealers, rappers, and men with 3 and for kids. How can you say that you grown when you have not even lived with U yet -let alone trying to shack up with someone. I remember the phrase in my early and late twenties.

work never

Been on a mission for a long timewaiting patiently for what GOD wants for meall the while handling my business. A lot of sisters need to start recognizing the power that they have and stop giving it away. Turn off Beyonce and listen to some Carmen McRae! Learn the lessons from the likes of Tina Turner, Billie Holiday, Whitney Houston, and women they have witnessed in their families with these types of behaviors. This article is so on point! I am one of the so-called good girls who is approaching 40 and has never married.

cat may look

At first I thought that it was a compliment, then it dawned on me that it was actually the kiss of death. In the meantime, my biological clock is ticking louder and louder with every passing year. I really hated this. I found myself grating my teeth until the end and then was relieved when it was finally over. Not because I disagree.

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can't make silk

Is this the hip hop life style that young black America is all about? Is this or ? Why are so many people looking to rappers, their chicks and the streets that many of them rap about, as examples of how to live? Are you kidding me? Since when has music, reality TV shows and the like, provided a pattern that is somehow supposed to guide you through life?

I mean lets get serious! If this is what young black folks deem the important things in their life and truly are being guided by such nonsense, then a large segment of black America is destined for failure. Dear Carioca, i think your indignation is legitimate but misplaced.

hands, warm

America is still structurally and institutionally racist, which means those avenues which are used to control our population must serve the racist-sexist, heteronormative, ablist, classist, etc-agenda of the dominant culture. That hip hop artists and pseudo thugs are at the top of the list of role models is not a failing of those who choose them as role models, but a violent success of those who package and sell identities in a world that needs to maintain its oppressive balance.

Pardon me, but domestic violence against women is well documented in Brasil where men kill their wives for their honor. So be very careful while being condesending to other women of color of the diaspora.

Down ass chick

The very racism that defines the Black experience in north America is central to the identity of las carioca negras throughout Brasil.

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