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By proceeding, I accept the Terms and Conditions. The description given by you can be a normal appearance in many white skinned women. This does not indicate any specific disease. Whether the skin around the anus is lighter or darker, you must always go for protected sex if you are having multiple sex partners. Disease can be present even in individuals with light colored skin around the anus. Using condoms prevents transmission of most sexual infections.

These treatments must be used correctly ie the directions must be followed and I would certainly not consider them a 'cure all', although they may very quickly help alleviate pain in such cases. However, it should be noted that many people who use these types of topical steroids fail to follow the recommended course of treatment, and because they feel relief so quickly, they often stop using the treatment too early and the fissure will return.

Also the body can build immunity to such steroids, so it really is important to seek a qualified medical opinion before using them. For the record, the treatments I mentioned above do NOT actually revert the anus back to it's original shape.

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The next option, in more sever cases where there has been rectal disfigurement, or extreme pain is surgery. This is usually only a requirement where the body is simply unable to heal itself naturally, or is unlikely to do so in a reasonable time. This can be expensive depending on the situation and really is a last resort.

The recovery is somewhat painful also.

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My advise is to enjoy your body. It's the most powerful instrument you will ever own. Just don't put anything inside you that will "spring" open, or will be impossible to get out. That's a nasty situation and will require medical attention and can be extremely embarrassing.

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Last but not least, always practice safe sex. I hope my response has helped in answering your question. Guest over a year ago As Dr. Susan Johanson has voiced on her show many times, the anus is only meant for exit only and regular rear sex can cause your sphincter to stretch to the point where you may possibly not be able to control your bowels any longer.

Feeling pleasure in the region is not abnormal for men as it is the prostate is an erogenous zone but there are ways of stimulating it without using a large dildo. I would recommend sharing your secret with your girlfriend and with simply using gloves and her fingers she can stimulate the prostate by inserting her fingers only an inch or two and rubbing the front inside of the anus.

If she does not want to do this she may also stimulate the prostate by pressing the area between the penis and anus with her fingers during sex. I'm sure there are many toy alternatives out there you can ask of your local adult store retailer. Honestly you guys need to relax and watch more Bravo I regularly have at least three penises in me at the same time The hard part was making a custum bed to fit everyone on I still only have managed a couple of times to get the large MEO ring in, only to take it out again very fast.

In my opinion the step from medium to large, is simply too large. The medium wont train your hole to the large ring, we need something in between a ring wich has the circumference of 50mm - right in between medium and large, such a ring will train you to the bigger boys.

Ist er einmal komplett drinnen, ist es ratsam, ihn durch einen harness zu sichern, damit er auch wirklich nicht wieder rausrutscht. J'ai le L et le XLj'ai eu les yeux plus gros que le trou Absolute Kaufempfehlung. Ca prend du temps pour s'y habituer mais on en devient accroc. J'attends avec impatience de passer au L The box was really heavy, which is proper exciting, it had my mind racing as to what delights might be inside. Cracking it open, I was perhaps a little surprised to find a piece of black metal gleaming at me in the dimly lit hallway.

Made from an aluminium alloy, it is understated and kinky all at the same time. I mean, just look at the beauty of it.

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Weighing in at g, with a length of 8cm, this small Anal Stretcher I was sent is, despite its name, pretty big! The hole is 2. Once inserted, it will hold your bumhole open at a diameter of around 3. So, be advised, this is by no means a beginner toy. The base offers 1cm of flare all round for security of fit once you are wearing it. Clearly to do that one has to first do what I am skirting the issue of; yep you guessed it, get it in your arse.

I find the most relaxing position to be laying on my left side, right leg bent up as if taking a giant step, left leg straighter. So in my favoured position, I attempt insertion. I place the rounded head of the Anal Stretcher against my sphincter, and give a gentle push. I can feel my muscle beginning to give way a little.

Clearly more thought is required. Day 2 - Anal Stretcher?

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With this in mind, I decide to try a more welcoming posture. So, lubing up, I adopt the famous doggy position, figuring that this will leave me most welcoming to the Anal Stretcher. Somehow I need to marry up comfort, openness and the ability to push firmly.

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Day 3 - Progress of sorts. I started with a slim dildo, and had a gentle prod away, got my self ready for something bigger, then I switched to a medium-sized plug, which I inserted and extracted a few times you should try it - holy wowness! Suitably warmed up and feeling pretty relaxed, I took to the doggy position.

Dark anal ring

I nuzzle the anal stretcher in between my butt cheeks, and push. There is a little movement, not a lot but a little. I push a little firmer, and I can feel my relaxed anus pulling open a little. Yes, this is good stuff, exactly what I need to happen. So, I push a little firmer, and can again feel a little movement as the Anal Stretcher tries to invade my butt. So I push harder, and I really do feel like this is going in, I feel like my arse is being opened, like it does for a plug.

But then I seem to not be able to go any further. More thought is required. Read full review: subsmissives.

Lorsqu'il est dans ton cul, tu te sens juste parfaitement rempli Je le recommande et ne peux plus m'en passer. Das Set kam und direkt S genommen.

Nach ne Stunde schwups raus.

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Also mit 24 Stunden ist nicht so im MOment. Evtl M? Aber den bekomme ich noch nicht rein. Mal schauen. All stretching devices imply pain and I tried various. And then I newly-discovered the anal stretching rings. I have to say, these are the most professional things you can get for the job. A closing stopper and a string slip is all you need.

Ein sehr Innovatives Produkt! Absolut Empfehenswert! Der Plug ist im Gegensatz zu anderem Analspielzeug sehr gut verarbeitet. Ein weiterer Pluspunkt ist, dass er absolut geruchsneutral und hygienisch ist. Aber lieber klein Anfangen und Langsam steigern! Das wurde hier sehr gut getroffen. Je nach Fetish oder was ihr damit vor haben solltet Oder ihr Versorgt euch Inkontinenz-windeln die es in jeder Apotheke gibt.

Ich kann ihn jedem Empfehlen. I have been playing with my butt for years, and can accommodate rather large buttplugs, but always on the lookout for new toys, new experiences. And the Anal stretching ring looked like a good alternative, also due to the fact that it is hollow which opens a whole new world of fun when fooling around with another.

I started buying the medium size mainly because of the reviews saying the MEO stretching rings are bigger than what you expect. Well I had no problem fitting the medium in my hole, in fact my hole is so used to being stuffed, that the medium MEO ring seemed a bit small. So only after a couple of days, I ordered the large stretching ring - even though my male lover said that I could take the XL ring, which I doubted so I went for the large despite what he said.

I have to say the size difference from medium to large is big! I have to warm up with the medium before being able to insert the large ring in my hungry hole, but when it starts to slide in, the feeling is so incredible. The feeling, the stretching is so intense I don't think I'll ever manage to go to XL My experience of these butt plugs are rather mixed.

They can be quite a challenge to insert. Lube time and a good work out before you try and insert one is the way forward. Once in they are mind bendingly good hardly noticeable if standing and walking about. Is possible to sleep with one on too. Your dreams are pretty good too. De dimension respectables voire imposante. Il faut de la patiente pour le mettre en place.

It's quite comfortable. I purchased the S and M as I wasn't sure which one would be confortable as a starter. I didn't have any anal toys or playing before but was intrigued by the hole in my ass. When it arrived after a few days I tried to insert the S. It takes some playing and a lot of lube but the S slid right in. It's an awesome feeling to fill your ass with water or toys without touching the anus and it fits perfectly.

I'm just a bit worried about permanent effects as I've been reading after a week or two you'll need diapers for a few days, but nevertheless I'm leaving it where it is and I can't wait to move up sizes.

Very good, fit without any prior anal playing. I read the reviews and wasn't too sure which one to get. I decided to order S and M as initial sizes and thank god I did.

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Like everyone says they are HUGE. The small one fit with a pit of pushing and a lot of lube and it feels great.

Jul 14, What causes dark black skin around the anus? Posted on Mon, 14 Jul While we are fooling around I notice that the whole area around her anus is dark black. It's like a wide 2-inch ring around the anus. It's not is though the skin pigment gradually changes from white to black - all of a sudden it's really black.

I don't think it will fall out or get sucked in and it feels like a new world opening up, literally. Can't wait trying to get M to fit!! Must have for everyone! I got the plugs to close the center hole though, diaper wearing from day one seemed like a bridge too far.

The reviewers are bang on in the sense that no matter how smooth or beveled the edge at the opening is, it still feels VERY sharp. At first I was full of drive and gusto and then I hit the wall where no amount of lube will make the toy go in and no matter how much lube you use, the pressure just pushes it out of the way and you're trying to insert this mammoth toy with NO GIVE into a dry lubeless ass Not fun. So I backed off a bit and decided to slow down and take my new "friend" a little more seriously.

Enter my American Bombshell Destroyer plug. To my surprise my ass swallowed it like a champ which is not usually the case. Usually I'm sitting on it for at least 2 minutes before my ass starts to dilate and expand to the appropriate diameter. This time It went in like i had been warming up for hours when in fact, it had only been about 10 minutes I tried the MEO one more time.

This time, it sank down further and further. I reached the point where the widest part of the plug was at the thresh-hold of my pubic bones and I started to push a little. I started letting more of my weight sink down on the plug but it was no use. I felt my ass and it was dry The lube had been pushed completely out of the way and it was pretty much a dry run due to the pressure. I got off the plug and felt the opening of my ass. It was the loosest it has ever been and it was fun to swish my finger around the opening but still a NO-GO.

The first try was what I'd call a successful failure.

Watch free brown ring asshole videos at Heavy-R, a completely free porn tube offering the world's most hardcore porn videos. New videos about brown ring asshole added today! The human anus (from Latin anus meaning "ring", "circle") is the external opening of the sphincters control the exit of feces from the body during an act of defecation, which is the primary function of the are the internal anal sphincter and the external anal sphincter, which are circular muscles that normally maintain constriction of the orifice and which relaxes as FMA: Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Dohan on dark ring around anus: The red halo ring may be caused by irritation of contact lenses.

My ass made it to the widest part but could not swallow it. Now on a side note, when I get up off all my plugs and I reach back to feel my ass, it feels strangely numb. I didn't use any numbing creams or desensitizers other than a few hits of poppers so I'm wondering why my ass is so numb. Could this be a nerve thing? I am done for now so MEO, you win Tomorrow is another story. We'll see who conquers that chapter in our little adventure. Lustempfinden Pur: Leider mit einem kleinen Fehler zum verbesser.

Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit diesem Produkt. Er dehnt sehr gut und hat einen hohen Tragekomfort. I have to say, using it the first time, the Stretching Ring made me feel like a real cunt.

Causes and symptoms of Butt Itching - Butt Itching Treatment - How To Remove Anal Itching Naturally

I've been addicted, skipped the size M and went straight to L and now XL. Am hoping you will make an even larger one! Absolutely fantastic, just as described. It felt so good.

What causes dark black skin around the anus?

I can not say too many good things about this product. Gute Form Also ganz zu Anfang. Alles gerundet und keine Kanten. Ich bin sehr zufrieden und kann diese Ringe nur weiter empfehlen. Der Stretching Ring ist sehr gut verarbeitet. Er sitzt gut und stramm und mit dem Ergebnis bin ich auch zufrieden. A lot bigger than expected but I had no trouble with it. Once in it stay in. Going to be loving this for a long time. So ein Loch hat die Welt noch nicht gesehen.

Mit den Ergebnissen bin ich mehr als zufrieden. Die Analstretching-Ringe sind wirklich super. Sehr, sehr gut. Jetzt ist genug geschrieben; muss los zum Training Zum Anal-Training. Aber wenn er dann endlich drin ist, wunderbar! Patience pour le placement mais une fois en place effet garanti. Gerade vor 10 Minuten hab ich den Stretching Ring erhalten.

Erstmal war ich erschrocken als ich ihn in der Hand hatte! Jetz geh ich damit erstmal in die Stadt shoppen. Loved the one I got in the post today and it is up and feels so good there and so happy my other half has ordered the next two size up and hope to get them in me asap.

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Yeh, check your sizes. Ordered the xl. Ordered a medium, this is not a problem, went straight up. A Large is on the way!. Can't get it in? Really comfortable to wear long term, and in bed overnight. Quality product and brilliant. Your Name :. Your e-mail :. Password :. Confirm Password :.

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Remember me. Register Already registered? Continue Already registered? By proceeding further you accept the Terms and Conditions. Sign in with Google. Don't have account? Mobile :. Title :. Report Problem :. Home Premium Questions Home What causes dark black skin around the anus? Question: I've been looking all over on the Internet to find an answer to this question.

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This girl I'm dating is a white woman, 46 years old. While we are fooling around I notice that the whole area around her anus is dark black. It's like a wide 2-inch ring around the anus. It's not is though the skin pigment gradually changes from white to black - all of a sudden it's really black. She swears she is clean and I don't smell anything particularly foul.

Anal Stretching Rings: How long has this product been on our to-do list? More than 10 years! After much time, plenty of testing and many conversations with customers and friends, we have finally identified the shape and form that's just right for rim stretching and long-lasting anal opening/stretching/5(96). I know how to make my anus ring biger by using oils and lubiration before inserting of a big dildo. But after a while I can se my anus is getting bigger and bigger and it is about size of a doller coin. edit: also, anal sex and inserting things into the rectum will NOT make you loose. anal sex is about muscle control, and you're using the. the anus area is known to be darker than the surrounding skin. if your boyfriend has had anal sex previously he would be awre of this. in this sense, it should pose no problem at all. The.

It doesn't hurt or itch or anything. I think she should see a dermatologist just to be sure. But it's a touchy subject as I'm sure you can understand.

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